About The Artist

I have dreams about sharing my art with the world – dreams that encompass many places that I have visited in my mind. Over the years I have cultivated paint, sketch and photography to express my inner-most thoughts, and bring them to life. In doing this I have taken my audience on a journey through visual interpretation.

Each piece is carefully crafted to meet the need of the individual and I take great joy in working with each customer to come up with the desired outcome, ensuring that they can contribute and share ideas. This collaborative way of working has produced some of the most original and well received pieces art.

Painting 50%
Sketches 25%
Tattoo design 15%
Bespoke gifts 10%

Modern Art – a new genre

Art and expression go hand in hand. Modern art comes in various formats of visual interpretation and the modern day artist is free to roam creatively without restraints. My art takes me to other realms, dimensions and galaxies that invoke emotions felt, but only discussed between the canvas and the brush.

Thus Spoke Our Clients

Our story spreads by word of mouth which is more effective than any advertisement!

Composition is key

Not only do I ask what clients want to see in my work, free spinsbut I ask them how they want to feel. This is key in bringing their vision to life in an immersive way.

No dream is too big

From sketches, paintings, prints, large and small, oil or acrylic – your request can be met. Prices for bespoke paintings and sketches can be discussed over email – melphoenixart@gmail.com

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